Emosis and Accellix plan joint venture, EmoCellix

The French company Emosis and Accellix announced today the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding for the formation of a Joint Venture (JV), which will equally be owned by both companies.

 EmoCellix will provide a complete solution that integrates the novel cytomolecular diagnostic tests for hemostasis disorders from Emosis with Accellix 'innovative assay delivery platform.

Emosis will modify and validate its cytomolecular assays for use with the delivery platform while the JV will handle the commercialization of the assays. Accellix intends to relinquish the rights to use Accellix as a delivery platform for its assays to the JV and provide assistance in modifying the assays for the platform.

EmoCellix will develop biomedical point-of-care (POC) test systems for the care of patients with severe hemostasis and thrombosis disorders. The systems should be user-friendly and provide fast and meaningful diagnostic results.

The JV will own 50% Accellix and 50% Emosis, and customers will continue to receive non-integrated Accellix and Emosis products and services.
Dr. Frederic Allemand , CEO of Emosis , commented, "The Accellix platform is the perfect complement to Emose's vision and together we will develop trend-setting solutions for the diagnosis of hemostasis and thrombosis disorders through cytomolecular testing and we are excited about the future of this joint venture. This is a continuation of the excellent collaboration we have built with the Eurostars-funded ClotSeek project. "

"We look forward to deepening our partnership with Emosis and believe that the combination of Accellix 'innovative assay delivery platform and Emosis unique cytomolecular flow-rate assays in EmoCellix provides a complete on-demand diagnostic solution for hemostasis. and thrombosis disorders at the treatment site, "said Gabi Frei , Ph.D. MBA, VP Product Development at Accellix.

Information about Emosis  
Emosis is an innovative medical device company specializing in the cytomolecular diagnosis of hemostasis and thrombosis disorders. The company focuses on clinically-oriented development, commercialization and commercialization of world-class on-demand and easy-to-use assays, emo-testsstandard on the rapidly growing new generation of cost-efficient and easy-to-use flow cytometers. Emo tests assist physician decision making on bleeding and coagulation events (or the risk of such events) across a wide range of clinical situations, including cardiovascular and neurovascular disorders, cancer, pregnancy, and pharmacological and non-pharmacological therapy management.

About Accellix  
Accellix specializes in fully automated, cost-effective, action-based cell-based analysis available 24/7 at the treatment site for a wide range of applications. Our Accellix disposable cartridge analysis system delivers results in under 30 minutes, requires minimal learning, and can do without biological reagents, sample preparation and complex data analysis.

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