Jinan Innovation Zone, Inspur and Cisco Sign Strategic Cooperation Memorandum

On December 4, Jinan Innovation Zone, Inspur and Cisco signed a memorandum of strategic cooperation in Jinan , China. Another milestone to deepen the joint venture partnership and the cooperation between Inspur and Cisco, this milestone was important for regional industrial modernization and e-development in the new era. Peter Sun , CEO of Inspur Group, Chuck Robbins , CEO of Cisco Systems, Inc. and other officials and leaders attended the signing ceremony of the memorandum.

According to the memorandum, the trilateral cooperation will use the logistics of the Inspur-Cisco joint venture communication network, and will invest to create an industrial park offering network communication in the Jinan Innovation Zone with the technical advantages and the business experience.

Advanced Cisco and Inspur. The industrial park will attract investments from international partners as well as associated industrialists, researchers and network communication engineers from around the world. An ecological chain will be built for the network communication sector, including Jinanwill be the center. The industrial park will become a large cluster for the network communication sector in China. It is anticipated that hundreds of important companies will be launched in upstream and downstream sectors, with more than 20,000 employees working on site once the park is built and open.

Inspur will work with Cisco to build a smart city in Jinan , Belt and Road network communications solutions and a cloud platform for small and medium-sized businesses, to develop smart manufacturing, train technical talent and support the evolution of creators of start-ups and innovation.

As a leader in Cloud Computing and Big Data in China, Inspur is committed to delivering advanced capabilities in terms of technologies, products and services for the components of a cloud offering. With cutting-edge smart city solutions in China and rich hands-on experience, Inspur has provided cloud computing and big data services to government agencies in more than 130 provinces and cities in China, boosting cities' growth. intelligent. Cisco, a global leader in science and technology, has good practices in various sectors internationally. As part of the new orientation of a win-win relationship based on mutual respect and interest between China and the United States, the signing of this memorandum

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