First Airport Built In Russia From Scratch Since Ussr Opens In Rostov-On-Don

The first airport built in Russia from scratch since the Soviet times has opened in Rostov-on-Don, Renova informed.

The construction project has cost RUB 47 billion, including RUB 19 billion invested by Viktor Vekselberg's Renova Group and partners.

On Saturday, November 18, Rostov-on-Don's new Platov airport accepted the two first flights: a "Rostov-on-Don" airliner operated by Rossiya airlines flying from Moscow's Vnukovo airport and the "Don" airliner operated by Azimuth Airlines flying from the old airport.

Platov is the first airport built in Russia from scratch in the Post-Soviet times. Construction started in 2014, total investment has reached RUB 47 billion, including RUB 19 billion invested by Renova which borrowed the capital from Gazprombank. Platov's design throughput is 5 million passengers per year. So far, the current passenger flow is much lower, but the new airport is one of the biggest regional airports in Russia.

Scheduled flights from Platov will start on December 1. The airport has concluded contracts with all airlines served at the old airport of Rostov-on-Don. Before the end of the year, all flights will be transferred to Platov.

Renova Group is a private Russian business group owning and managing assets in the metallurgical, oil, mining, chemical, building and construction, power energy, telecommunications, hi-tech machine-building, housing and utility services and financial sectors in Russia and abroad (the CIS countries, Switzerland, Italy, RSA and the USA). Renova Group's largest assets are shares in UC RUSAL, T+, Kortros, Airports of Regions, in hi-tech Swiss technology concerns OC Oerlikon and Sulzer as well as in Germany's steelmaker Schmolz+Bickenbach.

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