Toyota to Establish New Conversion and Accessories Company

Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) announces its decision to merge subsidiaries Toyota Technocraft Co., Ltd. (Technocraft), J-TACS Corporation (J-TACS), and Toyota Modellista International Corporation (Modellista) to establish a new company on April 1, 2018.

Toyota believes that it is important to provide services that meet customers' increasingly diversified needs, as demands on car manufacturers also increase, not only for creating vehicles, but also in the field of customization.
The three aforementioned companies operate in overlapping fields and have thus far cooperated with each other to help Toyota expand its business. However, amidst intensifying global competition, the new company, as a core company of the conversion and accessories business for the Toyota Group, is required in order to make further improvements in all areas, including planning, development, production, and sales, and to expand business globally by providing attractive products.

This integration will bring together the expertise of the three companies and leverage their management resources comprehensively and efficiently to respond to customer needs through the development of product diversification, utilizing the agility of the conversion and accessories business. Furthermore, Toyota believes that strengthening the development support system that supports its motor sport activities can contribute to Toyota's aim of making ever-better cars.

Specific initiatives of the new company include:
  • Further strengthening product development capability and cost competitiveness in the conversion and accessories field, in response to diversifying customer needs
  • Expanding and strengthening the conversion and accessories business globally
  • Strengthening the support structure for motor sports and providing attractive parts
  • Improving efficiency in all divisions including planning, development, production, sales, and administration
  • An overview of the new company and the merging companies is provided below.

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