12CM enters European market through joint venture

 12CM.Inc , one-two- cm developer of basic smart stamp technology, is seriously embarking on the European market.

On October 15, 12CM, a company of the K-ICT Born2Global Center , signed MOU 2018 (Global Mobile Vision 2018) MOUson the establishment of a joint venture with the German marketing company Lucrion GmbH and Heptagon Square , an IT Company based in the Netherlands.

Many American and international companies have significant difficulties operating in the European market. This is especially the case as personal data protection laws have been changed this year.

12CM's "echoss" smart stamp is currently being offered through partnerships with 53 companies around the world, the main benefit of which is to locate a wide range of services in accordance with the relevant region or service provider policy or policy cloud-based software and hardware for intelligent stamping.

The recently signed MOU is expected to deliver meaningful and tangible business results. This is especially true as the European venture capital firm Arena Amnis BV has invested and is currently making follow-up investments in 12CM.

CEO Brend J. Kouwenhoven , director of investments at Heptagon Square, said: "The European market has been conservative so far, but is rapidly changing in the financial climate for venture capital firms and the attitude of governments. This makes it easier to promote unique companies like Google and Uber. If the smart stamp 'echoss', a revolutionary technology that is already successful on the Asian and US markets , can be adapted to European needs, we are hopeful that we will achieve expansion. "

12CM is operating in the global marketplace with its smart stamp "echoss", an independently developed, basic technology, and from 2019 a new project will be carried out on the US , European and Asian markets .

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