Kellogg's Research Labs & Beijing Waste Heat Deal Signed

Kellogg's Research Labs has entered into a collaborative relationship together with a group of Chinese utilities represented by Beijing Waste Heat Utility Company. This relationship will allow KRL to build a large-scale version of the ElectricityFromAir generator for waste heat applications. 

Previous applications of EFA generators had revolved around small atmospheric thermal harvesting units for IoT applications and waste heat recovery from small devices. This landmark deal allows the company to begin addressing the vast array of high power waste heat recovery applications.

The goal of this relationship is to install the waste heat recovery system on all 668 power plants. Once the project has reached maturity, the EFA generators will cut CO2 emissions by more than 160 billion pounds per year, helping to put a dent into China's massive pollution problem. This deal represents the largest clean energy project ever undertaken.

The 50kW generation module is designed such that it can be easily connected to the coolant circuit of a power plant, but it can just as easily operate off other sources of hot water or coolant. The modules can be connected in series or parallel in order to optimize the usage of the waste heat. They are self-palletized for easy mobility around the power plant and stackable to minimize usage of ground space.

Kellogg's Research Labs is accepting other customers to join into the consortium to receive a demo unit to determine if waste heat EFA generators are an excellent fit for their product or application. 

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