JA Solar establishes a new subsidiary in South Korea

JA Solar Holdings Co., Ltd. (Nasdaq: JASO), a leading global brand of high-performance solar products, today announced that it has founded a new subsidiary in South Korea to continue expanding its presence in the region.

In 2001, JA Solar entered the South Korean market, in order to provide solar cells to its customers. Thanks to the excellent quality of its products, JA Solar has obtained a remarkable recognition from its customers, and has developed a solid customer base over the years. In November 2016, JA Solar successfully received certification for KS modules (South Korean industrial standards), which indicates that its products fully comply with the national certification standards of South Korea . Subsequently, JA Solar officially entered the South Korean market to supply solar modules to local customers. With the foundation of this subsidiary in South Korea, JA Solar can provide clients in the region with assistance and services in a timely and effective manner, in addition to gaining greater influence in the South Korean market and continuing to expand its presence worldwide.

High efficiency solar products are well received in the South Korean market. JA Solar is committed to carry out research and development efforts to produce high performance solar modules and thus optimize the return on investment of customers, in addition to meet their demand for high quality products. JA Solar has taken advantage of its good reputation in the market to develop close business relationships with a number of famous companies, including KT, GS Group, Hyundai Group, SK Group, Posco Group, ETA Solar, etc.

Mr. Baofang Jin , Chairman and CEO of JA Solar, commented: "JA Solar has more than 20 subsidiaries around the world, we are optimistic about the forecasts and business prospects in the South Korean solar market, and we believe that a new The subsidiary will improve our ability to provide timely and optimal services to our customers in the region, and the new subsidiary will allow us to promote awareness of the brand, as well as become a leading provider of solar modules and continue to contribute to the development of Renewable energies in South Korea . "

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