American Pharmacy Purchasing Alliance Acquires Prestige Medical Group Pharmaceutical Solutions in Canton Michigan

American Pharmacy Purchasing Alliance (APPA) recently acquired Prestige Medical Group (PMG) Pharmaceutical Solutions, a move that will increase and improve services provided to APPA members, particularly with group purchasing.

PMG is a pharmacy that offers institutional, full‐service, and long-term care with a licensed pharmacist who provides consultations for all aspects of their pharmaceutical services, including a designated account specialist, next-day delivery capabilities within the US, and Transaction Data compliant products.
With the acquisition, PMG will be a division of APPA and will be renamed to APPA Group Purchasing Solutions.

This brings several benefits to APPA members, who are pharmacy business owners.

Michigan-based secondary pharmaceutical wholesaler PMG can drop ship anywhere in the USA for convenient purchasing and shorter delivery time.
Members can take advantage of the group negotiated contracts to save money, time, and effort when ordering pharmaceuticals.

Wholesale purchasing of pharmaceutical products is one of the hurdles that pharmacy business owners face since success often requires expert representation. APPA has found a way to remove the hurdles and ensure significant savings for its members.

No need for them to master how to negotiate prices or about rebates, terms, etc.

The complementary group purchasing concierge service is a value-added program that offers an Employee Discount program, pharmacy education, and a Government Affairs program.

APPA members will learn more about disease-specific care solutions, CE credits, and other clinical expertise and news. Their business and patient-care needs are also protected through people who will work tirelessly to push their advocacy.

Member pharmacy business owners will also receive support for a wide spectrum of the best business practices without any cost or fees. Offered as value-added programs, members can participate in these programs for free.

About APPA
The American Pharmacy Purchasing Alliance brings together pharmaceutical experts and professionals to boost the significance of pharmaceutical purchasing in the industry of pharmacy and patient care. From pharmacy buyers to non-profit private purchasing companies, APPA provides the tools, knowledge, and expertise to ensure that the specialized industry of pharmaceutical purchasing is pushed to the forefront. Visit APPA in their new corporate office located at 7940 N. Lilley Rd. Suite A-110

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