Mitsubishi Chemical and Ube Industries Announce Electrolyte Joint Venture in China

Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation and Ube Industries, Ltd. announced in a press release dated October 13, 2016, “Ube Industries and Mitsubishi Chemical Announce Tie-Up for Electrolyte Business in China,” that the two companies had agreed to a tie-up for joint operations of their lithium-ion battery electrolyte businesses in China. With the procedures related to competition laws in China and relevant countries completed and the joint venture beginning operation in January of this year, the companies today announced the following details.

By utilizing their electrolyte business intellectual property and development capabilities in China through this joint venture, Mitsubishi Chemical and Ube Industries will further enhance their technologies and strengthen cost competitiveness.

The two companies will also continue to study additional possibilities for a global alliance in the electrolyte business.


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